Tax return preparation

Tax return preparation is a must, and my goal is to make the process efficient and understandable.

Business Returns (C-corporation, S-corporation, Partnership/LLC)

The better the accounting, the better the tax return. I believe that the focus should be on proper accounting. Your QuickBooks accounting should be a mirror image of your tax returns and you should be informed about any adjustments made to get from your books to your business tax return.

Individual Returns

Your individual returns can include many types of income and several categories of expenses, adjustments, deductions, and credits. My objective with individual tax returns is to simplify the information requests, and expedite the filing process.

As a sole practitioner I prompt for relevant information, input the data, review the return, and submit the filing. The advantage over a multi-person firm is intimate familiarity with all of the details of your tax returns. This model requires rigid time management, and I do not meet face-to-face during the process. I leverage email to obtain requested information while maintaining the quality of the output.

My office is paperless, which benefits you both from a privacy/security perspective and the ease and speed with which I can provide documents necessary subsequent to filing.