What is bookkeeping and how does it benefit you?

Bookkeeping is an agency service that involves varying degrees of depth. Typical components include invoicing your customers, paying your vendors, performing payroll, reconciling accounts (comparing the books to the bank), and reporting to you on the results of your operations. Bookkeepers maintain your books and provide you with reporting access.

A bookkeeper helps you to get your invoices out on time, track your expenses accurately, and pay employees properly. A bookkeeper can feed you timely information so that you can better manage your business.

What stands out?

An upbeat, customer-focused attitude about bookkeeping is critical. You should expect guidance in what expense categories are valuable to you. Strong bookkeeping requires your engagement in your accounting, which in turn provides benefits from the insight your books bring to your business. A bookkeeper maintains your books, and provides reporting access, so that you don't have to deal with your books directly.

Bookkeeping through a cloud accounting app means that you know the balance in your bank account, you know your most profitable customers, and you know where your company is spending money. You can quickly find out how much you invoiced a customer last month or last year, how much you spent with a vendor, and how your customers are finding you.