Frequently Asked Questions:

Considering Bryce as your CPA

Q: Are all CPAs similar, and how do I find the right CPA for me?

A: CPAs are similarly educated and take a uniform CPA exam as part of becoming licensed in California. While many CPAs who prepare tax returns share business methods, my approach differs from most in these ways:

  • Tax return preparation turn-around time - Similar to many CPAs, at certain times of year I find myself inundated with workload. At the same time, because I am a sole practitioner, I'm intimately familiar with the details of the tax returns I'm preparing, which makes preparation efficient. The considerable judgment that goes into preparing a tax return, is an element not seen and often not communicated to you as the customer. Nonetheless, the result is accurate and complete tax returns, where my emails ask important and targeted questions of you. The overall process avoids long interviews, and onerous checklists.

  • Outcome-based flat pricing - I have a few prices based on type of tax return, and the prices are a flat amount. Other CPAs price based on the accountant time involved, the forms that are included in the tax returns, or a combination of those items. Since you're not in control of how much time I spend on your tax returns, or the forms involved, those feel like price drivers that are not based on you, my customer. I want you to absolutely know the price you will pay for your tax return to be prepared. In some cases, I will price tax returns at more than the flat listed price, but the price will always be a factor of the listed price. The result is that (a) you know the price of the tax return you are having prepared, and (b) you know that price in advance of me preparing your tax return.

  • Reliance on your books - For business tax returns, and business and rental schedules of individual tax returns, I rely on your books and the amounts you provide. Some CPAs tend to recreate business books, or ask for a great deal of information that can become overwhelming for business owners. I want to make the process of tax preparation easy on you, while maintaining accurate and complete business schedules. The terms and conditions of our engagement allow you to take responsibility for your books, often with the assistance of a bookkeeper, which eliminates unnecessary duplicate work for me as your CPA.

Q: If I am already using a CPA, should I consider switching to use Bryce?

A: Plain and simple, in most cases, no. Reasons to switch CPAs and specifically to use Bryce include:

  • If your tax preparer or CPA is unable to file your tax return by the original due date, despite the fact that you have all of your tax forms and information ready.

  • If your tax preparer is unfamiliar with QuickBooks Online (QBO). One sign of unfamiliarity is asking you for reports, rather than accounting firm [user] access. Also, unwillingness to adjust the books so they are consistent with the tax returns.

  • If your tax preparer or CPA has indicated that they have sold their practice, or intend to retire soon. This may be an indication that your current CPA sees your value as a product to convert to cash, or that motivation to continue preparing your tax returns is waning.

Q: How is your pricing developed, and what should I consider in comparing your price with other CPAs or tax professionals?

A: It is challenging to convey a relatable rationale about my prices, since my prices are based on a combination of factors that don't link directly to the amounts and schedules on your tax returns. This means that my prices (and those of many CPAs) aren't comparable in the way a tool at the hardware store would be, such as through a feature matrix. I feel you are best not to compare any CPAs pricing in relation to each other, but instead in relation to the value you perceive. How valuable are the following elements to you? Turnaround time, the security of your business and personal information, years of experience, tax-expertise, and most of all comfort with my demeanor and persona!