The process of business tax return preparation

You may be a new business, new to having a CPA prepare your business tax returns, or you may be selecting a new CPA. I feel it is important to share my general process, so you know what to expect.

Once you engage me as your CPA, I will ask for your prior year tax returns, and accountant access to your accounting application.

Once the business year is finished, you complete your year-end process with your books. In most cases, this includes working with your bookkeeper as you review reports, and reconcile your accounts. 

Once your books are complete for the year, you email me to let me know. You may also include any questions you have, or notes such as if you sold a vehicle, bought new equipment, or see an amount on the balance sheet that is unfamiliar.

I will then begin to prepare your tax returns, during which time I may email questions to clarify account balances, or ask for additional information such as business mileage.

Once I feel that your tax returns are complete, I will email and send a DocuSign of your tax returns, and process a sales receipt for the tax return preparation. I may include observations and/or questions for you to consider that may result in modifications. If modifications are in order, I will send an updated/replacement tax return DocuSign.

Once you have reviewed your tax returns to ensure they are complete and accurate, you will then complete the DocuSign, which authorizes me to file your returns on your behalf.

Upon receipt of the completed DocuSign, I will file your tax returns. In most cases, the filing happens quickly after you complete the DocuSign, followed by an email confirming your tax returns are filed.

While the above details the steps of the tax return preparation and filing itself, I am available throughout the year for questions about your books or tax implications, to clarify tax agency notices, or to take on tax-related projects.