QuickBooks Online (QBO)

Your QuickBooks should be accurate, reliable, and relevant. You may find one of the following general service offerings resonates with you.

QuickBooks Setup - You've started your business or started using QuickBooks and you notice that it isn't quite the "15 minutes and you're up and running" as advertised. You're not alone, and Intuit knows that small business owners who work with a Certified ProAdvisor have a far easier, happier, and less painful QuickBooks experience. This service is about listening to what you do in your business and translating it into an accounting system that runs with you.

QuickBooks Clean-up - You've been using QuickBooks for months or years, but intuitively know that it isn't like it should be. It may not give you, or your accountant, the information you want or need. From unreconciled accounts, to reporting that doesn't match your tax returns, QuickBooks can be a challenge to get just right. This service is about listening to your accounting needs and translating them into a clean, proper, understandable QuickBooks database.

QuickBooks Check-up - You may use QuickBooks correctly, and yet tricky transactions and time consuming processes can be fixed and made easier through regularly scheduled sessions with an expert. Check-ups ensure that your accounting maintains accuracy, timeliness, and relevance to your business. This service creates a priority on prevention to mitigate errors and improve the reliability of your reporting.